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Crime is a reality in South Africa, no matter where we live. We need to make every effort to protect our family and property and make it as difficult as possible for criminals.

When it comes to using
barbed wire to secure homes and property, it's important to start by asking yourself how extensive your security measures need to be. Standard barbed wire can be an effective deterrent in and of itself when installed at the top of a high fence built from less intimidating materials. In fact, few potential intruders will dare take it on. If your security needs can't be met by traditional barbed wire, however, then it's time to make the move up to razor wire..

Razor wire has the potential to cause serious injury to anybody trying to breach it, making it a very effective security solution and deterrent that few trespassers would willingly test. Of course, it's probably a good idea to make sure you really need razor wire in the first place. Remember, this is the type of barbed wire that prisons and the military use, and its installation should never be taken lightly. Still, if you're looking for a security deterrent without rival, razor wire definitely takes the cake.


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